How To build Your First Green Online Business

The following online business tips can greatly help you to beat the existing completion, and boost your chances of achieving online business success in the green business niche.

1. Strong business research and planning

Research and planning are very important in eCommerce. If you want to start and run a successful online business, you should undertake a diligent research on the existing competition in your niche. Try and find opportunities that are yet to be exploited by your competitors. Once you have identified a market that has not been adequately served, you need to plan how you are going to go get into it.

Determine the potential revenue you can make, the amount of time you will need to break even and all the other vital strategic details.Note that, online business is prone to abrupt, disruptive market changes. It is important for you to be prepared by coming up with plans on how you can manage turbulent times in the market.

2. Quality, unique and attractive website

A quality, attractive and user-friendly business website is a great tool that helps to attract repeat customers. When you are building your site, you need to ensure that it provides a good visual experience. Using beautiful graphic presentations can help you in this regard. It will leave an enduring textual memory in the minds of customers.

3. Robust back-end operations

Back-end operations are the mainstay of a business website. The backend operations of your site must be highly efficient to allow a smooth customer experience. Things like credit card processing, inventory management processing, reporting systems and so on, will play a big role in attracting potential customers.

4. Huge web presence

If you want to succeed in online marketing, you must increase your web presence. Implement an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for your site.

5. Business-friendly eCommerce application (Cart)

Business-friendly eCommerce software that makes it easy to run and manage your online business will greatly contribute to your success. Such software should provide a high degree of online security, scalability and customization allowance. It must meet both your present requirements, and future needs.

6. Online customer relationship management

When you are starting out in online business, you must find a way that you can keep your customers coming back. Choose an eCommerce application that comes with customer relationship management capabilities that allows you to keep in touch with your customers. You can inform them about new products, and other updates regarding your online store.

7. Learn fast

To succeed in online marketing, you must learn fast. This is because, as mentioned earlier, disruptive changes are the norm in this business. You must identify new trends that are going to affect your business as fast as possible. If you make mistakes, learn from them and move on. Do not waste your time on them.

8. Build a brand

Lastly, concentrate on building your brand. Make sure that your logo, company’s tag line and internet address are consistently present in all your marketing campaigns. This will enable customers to recognize you.

How To Build A Sustainable Business

Business organizations across the world need to follow an effective approach in order to run an environmentally sustainable business. They need to reduce their carbon footprint and also come up with products that will help the consumers in minimizing the same. This will be possible only when they include the environmental aspect in the entire product life cycle.

A sustainable business is one that makes profit without causing any damage to the society or the environment. Traditional business organizations were the worst hit with the recent financial crunch as they used to run in an unsustainable manner. Such companies never took climate change and pollution into serious consideration while running their business. According to experts, the main reason behind this failure was the notion that making a profit is more beneficial as compared to doing business in a sustainable manner.

A sustainable business should meet the triple bottom line and follow progressive human rights and environmental policies. It should make use of natural resources in a balanced manner so that present as well as future needs can be met. One can’t deny the fact that business activities not only affect the company, suppliers and customers but it also has significant impacts on the environment. In order to build a sustainable business, one must identify the reasons for doing business. Do you want to start a business for making money or you want to strike a balance between profit and social and environmental causes? Only when you determine the man objective you will be able to run a successful business.

Industry experts are of view that sustainability should be a combination of people, planet and profit. A business organization should strike a balance among these factors with the help of sustainable development and sustainable distribution for a significant impact on the society, environment and growth of the business. A business can be successful only when it combines the objective of profit making for the stakeholders with socially responsible business activities that will benefit the environment as well as communities.

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Search Engine optimization for an eCommerce

Search Engine optimization for an eCommerce website can be the most daunting task that even most experienced search engine optimizing experts may come across. Search engines seem not to favor e Commerce sites and therefore it becomes harder to rank an eCommerce website. The reason why ranking an eCommerce website proves to be a hard nut to crack is because several online supplies that run the eCommerce websites does not offer quality useful content that would be useful in search engine optimization.

Secondly the site has poor link structure and very little effort is made to create the necessary SEO ecommerce strategies like back linking for this kind of websites. It is on this note that eCommerce ranking tips outlined in this article may be very helpful for anyone who wishes to rank an eCommerce website.

One of the things that you should avoid during your endeavors to rank this site is the manufacturer product descriptions; you should make sure you rewrite the description incorporating a few keywords that relate to your site in these descriptions. In the database of the stores products you should create a search engine optimization field that can be recorded some inputs in the same way you create an input for the product, price and quantity. In this field you can recorded the page rank of each product page for you to be able to do a comprehensive site SEO audit when need arises.

During the optimization of the pages you should pay close attention to the pages and only rank a single keyword for each page. You should also make sure that all the product related URLS have a keyword tagged on each one of them. Your pages should also be arranged in a systematic way that they can be viewed easily. You should ensure that your product catalog is visible to most of your visitors and you should keep the pages in a well organize manner and possible develop a good site map.

Your site should be categorized by a unique title tags, Meta tags and Meta tags descriptions that are relevant to the site search engine optimization grand plan. Since getting unique content published in an eCommerce website is a tall order you can bank on the Product reviews to bring you fresh and unique contents to your website. You should make use of the product reviews to generate the content that is SEO friendly to help your site in ranking.

Another great way of reaping the full benefits of search engine optimization in an eCommerce website is by creating the RSS feeds for your website. The Google base is known to allow the submission of XML file that contain the products feeds and this is often displayed in the Google base results. Make use of iframes for any content that you deem to be duplicate content.

You should also use the keywords that are necessary when you are naming the file names. Finally you should avoid keyword stuffing a phenomenon that is very easy to come up if you are not careful in your search engine optimization process for your eCommerce website.

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